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Easter holds profound significance for Evangelical Christians worldwide.  At its core lies the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the tomb, a pivotal event that transcends time and space.  This miraculous rising from death is more than a historical occurrence; it is the bedrock of Christian faith.

  1. Victory Over Sin and Death: The resurrection affirms Jesus as the Messiah, fulfilling ancient prophecies. His victory over sin and death resonates through the ages, offering hope to humanity.

  2. Eternal Life: Easter proclaims that death need not be the end. Through Christ’s triumph, believers receive the promise of eternal life.

  3. Hope Amid Mortality: In a world marked by impermanence, Easter shines as a beacon of hope. As we celebrate Christ’s resurrection, we anticipate our own transformation. When the perishable becomes imperishable, mortality yields to immortality.

Easter isn’t merely a historical event; it’s a living reality—a promise fulfilled and a future secured. Let us embrace this hope and celebrate the risen Savior!


There will be an Easter Sunrise Service at 7am by the empty tomb in the Israel Gardens, followed by church services at 10:45am. The TFC Kids Easter Eggstravaganza will take place at 10:45am in the Youth Building, and there will be an Easter Egg hunt for ages 12 and under in the field next to the youth building immediately following the church service. Remember to bring your own basket!