Give Directly to Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts

Gospel Crusade has hundreds of churches that we have helped found over the last 50 years.  We have pastors in communities all around the country.  Haiti is, once again, in deperate need of assistance due to the recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake.  Our missions have already begun to send supplies, but we need your help NOW.  Please give to help support our efforts.  100% of money donated goes DIRECTLY to local pastors in churches all around Haiti from Gospel Crusade.  We know these people and are able to deposit funds directly into bank accounts that they can access.  This is the best, most direct way that we can help support our brothers and sisters in Haiti.  

Give NOW to Haiti Earthquake Relief


In 1953, Gospel Crusade was birthed with a desire to fulfill the Great Commission; to go into all the world and preach the Gospel, winning souls to Christ and bringing healing to those who are hurting.

Today, Gospel Crusade/Christian Retreat is represented in more than 38 countries, with hundreds of churches, Bible schools, feeding programs and orphanages. National leaders have been trained to carry on the work of the Gospel.


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