If you have arrived at a place in your life that you’re ready to follow the direction of God toward ministry; now is the time to take action. Often a first small step will move your faith into reality. You can discover the best pathway to fulfill your calling by simply beginning.  Regardless if your seeking ministry credentials, advanced schooling or just a season of renewal, we will help you formulate a plan to answer and enter the calling of God on your life.

For thousands of others, who have been right where you are, attending the Institute of  Ministry has become the starting point; laying the foundation for a life of spiritual leadership opportunities. For over 40 years this school has been a tremendous training forum for those entering the ministry.  It provides students the forum to learn firsthand from men and women who have a lifetime of experience in all fields of ministry.

However you have come to fill out this application, we believe that it is an important step in answering the call of God on your life.  This 10 week school of leadership training will both equip and strengthen you for the work God has for you. If you are already a minister, hold a leadership position in your church, are in training or simply between assignments, this unique school of the Holy Spirit will help you increase your spiritual life, clarify your vision and give direction to God’s call on your life.

Simply fill out the short online application and we will contact you personally to discuss your calling, desires and direction. 

Please do not hesitate to call, write or email us if you have any questions.

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